We all remember the time when Late Steve Jobs introduced

the amazing, the better and the incredible iPad

back in January of 2010. Yes, I have deliberately put that in quotes because that’s what he intended us to believe in and that’s what we all have eventually come to believe in. He sure didn’t start the trend of using these top selling keywords but it has continued till the latest iPad Mini Keynote.

In fact, two of the top selling sales and marketing strategies for selling a product is to Be Likable & To subtly let the consumers believe at an subconscious level that the product is just great and phenomenal. Well, Steve didn’t have to worry about the first one. For the second one, what they do is to use selling adjectives like magical, so much better, a revolutionary product, extraordinary, etc.

Let’s look at how Tim Cook uses those magical words to transcend his thoughts into our subconscious.

Oh! Now you are relating the iPad Mini story to the title of the article. You, sir are right. Microsoft is no less a marketer than what Apple is. Although for the first point I’m gonna have to give it to Apple for having Jobs be the presenter, hands down!! Although now Cook & Ballmer are doing good as well. Coming to the second point, Microsoft used the same strategy although with a lesser number of adjectives than what Apple did with the iPad Mini Keynote. According to a rough estimate, the word great has been used about 17 times in the video below.

Enough talk, let’s enjoy some more great stuff.

We’re gonna have to wait and see how much of this strategy actually works for Microsoft.

What do you think? Let me know of your comments below.

Apple and Microsoft hold the copyrights of their original respective videos. These videos were made as an attempt to study the selling strategies during keynotes, plus a little humor won’t harm anybody 🙂